by | Sep 1, 2021

Plant Annual Flowers

Annual plants thrive in the fall temperatures. Water everyday. Adding mulch will help keep soil moisture consistent. Add some colour with Mums and Pansies.

Improve Your Soil

Remove dead and spent flowers. Spread a 2 to 3 inch layer of manure or compost over the soil. Spade or rototill it into the top several inches of soil and rake smooth.


Plant spring flowering bulbs. Tulips,daffodils,crocus,hyacinths. Tuck them in between established perennials and shrubs or mass plant by themselves. Dig one large hole and toss in a dozen or more bulbs for a drift of colour.

Vegetable Gardens

The best way to prevent insects and diseases from affecting your vegetable garden next year is to clean it up this fall. Remove any diseased plants and burn them. Only compost healthy plants. Remove all 2 year old canes from raspberry and blackberry plants to avoid overwintering of disease.

Enhance your Landscape

September is an ideal time to add shrubs and trees to your landscape. Improve winter survival of trees and shrubs by watering them deeply right up to hard frost. The soil should be moist before it freezes solid.

Improve your Lawn

Most cool season lawns benefit from dethatching, aeration, and fertilization. You can seed new lawns at this time, or fix bare spots.


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