Know Your Garden

by | Feb 2, 2022

Know your soil, an important thing to do is a soil test. Know your flowers and what plants grow well in your soil. Know your site. How much light does your garden get. What is the moisture condition in your site.

Create Excitement

By choosing different combinations of color you can create different moods.Blues compliment yellow creating harmony. Using variations and different tones of the same color can make an impact without dominating. If you want a bit of a thrill add a bit of red and orange.


Using repetition,layers,combinations,fragrance and shape will help you design continuity and combinations in your garden. Mixing plant height,sizes,colors,scale and texture adds beautiful variety to the garden. Adding fragrance and movement allows the scents of the flowers to add an aromatic experience for anyone! Lilacs close to your door or lavender in your pathway adds a beautiful scent.

Research Flowers and Shrubs

Do a little research on what plants grow best in your area. What colors and textures are available and is there any special care. Start small, you can always expand your plan. Use show stopping plants as a focal point. Consider flower size, bloom time and flowers that attract pollinators. Combine different plants that bloom in different times of the season.

Have fun planning and dreaming of your garden!🌷


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