What is a Sensory Garden

by | Apr 4, 2022

  • A sensory garden appeals to one or more of the five senses,sight,smell,sound,taste,and touch.

Create sight sensory by plant color,shape,size,texture and patterns. You may like bright and bold colours like tulips,alliums and coneflowers. You can add wildflowers that attract pollinating butterflies and bees. They also add movement to your garden. Bees gravitate towards blue,lavender,purple,white, and yellow. Butterflies prefer white,pink,purple,red,yellow and orange.

Smell can be experienced by adding floral fragrance by incorporating various aromatic plants such as roses,honeysuckle,lavender,mint and sage to name just a few.Herbs also stimulate your taste sense.

Sound: You can add trickling water by adding a fountain or a water feature. Hanging wind chimes add a lovely accent! Walking on gravel in your garden will add a crunch as you walk. Plants that respond to the wind such as grasses,if placed in an area that will get a breeze will rustle back and forth.

Taste can be added by incorporating herbs,edible fruits,vegetables,spices and edible flowers.Some examples are non toxic violets,bee balm, nasturtiums to name just a few. Herbs like Sage,Rosemary,Dill and Lavender are ideal for taste.

Touch: Adding plants like Lambs Ear which is a fuzzy plant is great to touch. In addition to plants,adding smooth stones,and other natural materials will add to this experience.

Enjoy and have fun!🌷


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