by | Nov 13, 2021

Make sure your climbing roses are securely attached to their supports. Use small markers where you have planted bulbs to avoid disturbing them in the spring clean up.

Apply protective mulch on the perennial garden after the garden has frozen an inch or two.Till the soil in your vegetable garden to help reduce pest next spring.

Work a bit of bonemeal into the soil around your rosebushes, then put more soil around the base of the rose.

Its never too late to apply lime to your lawn. Give the compost pile a good turning before winter sets in. Give all trees and shrubs plenty of water before the ground freezes. Wrap young evergreens in burlap to protect from the extreme winter.

Throw away any fruit left on the ground or in the trees, this will help eliminate pests and diseases from your yard. Cover trees and shrubs that may be damaged by deer.


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