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What is a Sensory Garden

A sensory garden appeals to one or more of the five senses,sight,smell,sound,taste,and touch....

Spring Tips

Spring Spring starts in March. On the first day of spring there are as many daylight hours as...

Know Your Garden

Know your soil, an important thing to do is a soil test. Know your flowers and what plants grow...


Garden Care You can still keep an eye on your gardens in the winter. Gently brush off heavy snow...


Houseplants Water houseplants with tepid water. Be sure newly purchased plants are well protected...


Make sure your climbing roses are securely attached to their supports. Use small markers where you...


Happy Thanksgiving It is that time of year to clean up our gardens for the upcoming winter. Now is...


Plant Annual Flowers Annual plants thrive in the fall temperatures. Water everyday. Adding mulch...


Perennials Divide perennial flowers such as hosta, Oriental poppy, lily, daylily, ornamental...


Deadhead Perennial Flowers Feed , water and deadhead summer bedding plants regularly. Prune...

Happy Gardeners

Christine was a joy to work with on our memorial garden at the Wentworth recreation Centre in Wentworth, Nova Scotia. She was very knowledgeable on what we needed to do to make our flower bed look lovely, for people to enjoy while visiting our rec centre. Christine brought our flower bed back to life. And did an awesome job.

If you are looking for a garden consultant reach out to Christine, she is very friendly and loves her job, and makes everything look beautiful.

Laurel Adams

Co chair, Wentworth Rec Centre

It was a pleasure working with Christine on the flower bed at the fire hall. She was very informative and knowledgeable as to what we needed to do to get it back into shape. The suggestions for what to plant will make a beautiful, colorful garden for the community to view when driving by.

It takes hard work to prepare the ground and then arrange and plant the flowers but the time went quickly because of the joy that comes from knowing what the outcome will be and the pleasure Christine gets from helping you.

She truly loves gardening and encouraging and helping others feel the same way!

Darlene Montrose

Christine was very informative and I so enjoyed our afternoon learning about gardening. I learned what plants I can put around my house, by my bird feeder and entering my driveway. I learned how to clean up shrubs in the spring, and how to keep down weeds.

I am glad I have come to know Christine as a friend and a garden consultant. She will walk you through everything you need to know and answer your questions… it is so exciting! My flowers are going to look amazing when it all comes together. It’s lots of hard work, but if you want a gorgeous property it’s worth it.

Cheryl Broughton

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